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School Chairs and School Desks

Open Front Desks

Top: Med Oak
Bookbox: Black
Frame: Black
$176.00 $56.99

BT48R / BT60R / BT71R

Hard Plastic Chair Desks

Top: Sandstone
Seat: Navy
Frame: Chrome
$470.00 $150.99

Virco 3400BR

Tablet Arm Desks

Top: Med Oak
Seat: Navy
Frame: Chrome
$332.00 $107.50

Virco Tablet Arm Desks

Best selling Virco Chairs

12"  90.00 $28.99
14"  90.00 $28.99
16"  103.00 $33.99
18"  108.00 $34.99

9012 / 9014 / 9016 / 9018

Folding Tables

BT3060 - $56.99
BT3072 - $66.99
BT3096 - $98.99

BT3060 / BT3072 / BT3096

Round Folding Tables

BT48R - $72.00
BT60R - $114.99
BT71R - $164.00

BT48R / BT60R / BT71R

Padded Folding Chairs

Series 2200 - $23.75
Multiple colors
Padded seats

BT48R / BT60R / BT71R

Series 1100 Folding Chairs

Series 1100 - $24.50
Multiple colors
Fan Back

NPS 1100 Series Fan back chair

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Metaphor Combo…

Metaphor Combo Desks - Bowfront Laminate Top (N9CONBR)

Student Desks …

Student Desks with Lift-Lid - VIRCO Model 751

Intellect Desk

Intellect Desk

Metaphor Combo…

Metaphor Combo Desks- Bowfront Hard Plastic Top

Metaphor Adjus…

Metaphor Adjustable Task Seating N9 Series by Virco

Metal Folding …

Metal Folding Chair - VIRCO Model 167

Student Desks …

Student Desks - Hard Plastic Top and Adjustable Height Legs - VIRCO ZUMA Model ZADJ2026M

Upholstered St…

Upholstered Stack Chairs - VIRCO Model 8917

Classroom Desk…

Classroom Desks - VIRCO ZUMA Series - Model ZOCTBOXM

Upholstered St…

Upholstered Stack Chairs - VIRCO Model 8925

Student Desks …

Student Desks with Open-Front-Metal Book Box - VIRCO Model 785MBB

Student Desks …

Student Desks with open front plastic book box - Virco I.Q. Series

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