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School Chairs and School Desks

Open Front Desks

Top: Med Oak
Bookbox: Black
Frame: Black
$176.00 $56.99

BT48R / BT60R / BT71R

Hard Plastic Chair Desks

Top: Sandstone
Seat: Navy
Frame: Chrome
$470.00 $150.99

Virco 3400BR

Tablet Arm Desks

Top: Med Oak
Seat: Navy
Frame: Chrome
$332.00 $107.50

Virco Tablet Arm Desks

Best selling Virco Chairs

12"  90.00 $28.99
14"  90.00 $28.99
16"  103.00 $33.99
18"  108.00 $34.99

9012 / 9014 / 9016 / 9018

Folding Tables

BT3060 - $56.99
BT3072 - $66.99
BT3096 - $98.99

BT3060 / BT3072 / BT3096

Round Folding Tables

BT48R - $72.00
BT60R - $114.99
BT71R - $164.00

BT48R / BT60R / BT71R

Padded Folding Chairs

Series 2200 - $23.75
Multiple colors
Padded seats

BT48R / BT60R / BT71R

Series 1100 Folding Chairs

Series 1100 - $24.50
Multiple colors
Fan Back

NPS 1100 Series Fan back chair

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Text Series Si…

Text Series Single Student Desks with Hard Plastic top & Book Box

Tablet Arm Cha…

Tablet Arm Chair Desks - VIRCO Model 3700BR

Stack chairs -…

Stack chairs - Virco I.Q. Series

Student Desks …

Student Desks with Open-Front-Metal Book Box - VIRCO Model 785MBB

Folding Chair …

Folding Chair with Padded Seat & Back - VIRCO Model 188

Metaphor Combo…

Metaphor Combo Desks - Rectangle Hard Plastic Top (N9CORNBRM)

Stack Chairs -…

Stack Chairs - Sled base VIRCO 9600 Series

Upholstered St…

Upholstered Stack Chairs - VIRCO Model 8917

Classroom Desk…

Classroom Desk - VIRCO ZUMA Series - Model ZADJ2026BOXM

Upholstered St…

Upholstered Stack Chairs - VIRCO Model 8925

Hard Plastic S…

Hard Plastic Stackable - Virco chairs Series 3000 (3012, 3014, 3016, 3018)

Tablet Arm Des…

Tablet Arm Desk - VIRCO 9700BR


From a simple drop ship to the set up of a suite of office furniture, PJ & Company has the nationwide network of moving companies, common carriers and local delivery personnel to fulfill all of your receiving needs.

Please keep in mind that many variables will affect the cost of shipping your large item product: whether the final destination is residential or commercial, whether there are any stairs that need to be climbed in order to perform the delivery, whether there are restricted receiving hours, etc. At PJ & Company, we can arrange the delivery to suit your needs, and we can do it in the most cost effective manner. Please contact our customer service department at 877-825-7803, or e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that we can help you receive your purchase easily and inexpensively.

Most of the items we carry can ship via small parcel carrier, either UPS, Federal Express, or USPS. This option is the fastest and most efficient method of delivering your small item order. However, some items are too large or too heavy to ship this way. They must deliver via truck. There are four levels of truck freight service: end of truck/dock, liftgate, inside delivery, and full installation. End of truck/Dock delivery is the standard and least expensive choice for transporting freight by a common carrier. If you choose this option, you will be responsible for carrying your purchase from the tailgate of the truck into your facility, or accepting the delivery on your loading dock. If you choose liftgate delivery, we will arrange for a trailer equipped with a liftgate, so that your purchase can be lowered to the ground level. From that point, you will be expected to move it into your building. If you decide for inside delivery, the driver will bring your purchase inside your building, and site it within twenty fee of the door closest to the outside. If you opt for full installation, our installer will carry your purchase inside your building to the room of your choice, unpack it, assemble the product (if needed), and site and level the item. The installer also will remove and dispose of all cartoning and debris associated with your order. Contact us or call Toll Free: 1-877-825-7803


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