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Use of this Site and Disclosures:

Any visitor to this site must agree to the following conditions of its use. If the visitor does not agree to these conditions, he/she may not make use of the PJ & Company web site.

Copyrights: All rights reserved. No part of this web site may be copied or used for commercial purposes without permission.

Trademarks: Trademarked products used with permission from the manufacturers.

Fulfilling Your Order: PJ & Company retains the right to either limit the quantity, or refuse to fulfill, any order placed on this site. Further, the shipment of an order might be delayed until we verify information necessary for the fulfillment of that order.

Pricing: All prices posted on this web site are subject to change without notice. PJ & Company reserves the right to implement a price change at anytime, including after submission of an order. If PJ & Company does implement a price change for an item or service specified in an order submitted before that change, we will notify the customer before processing the order.

Disclaimer: Much of the information on the PJ & Company web site has been gathered from numerous manufacturers. We have striven to insure that all the content on this site is accurate. Because of the various origins of this data, it must be offered with the caution that a visitor to this site uses it at his/her sole risk. PJ & Company can not be held liable for any losses or damages suffered by a visitor to this site arising from the use of any information or content provided by the site. Further, PJ & Company can not guarantee the accuracy of any information on web sites that are hyperlinked from this site, or other sites linking to this one.

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